What is Artificial Intelligence?


What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be defined as a branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines which are capable of performing tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial intelligence can be categorized into two broader categories:

1) Narrow Artificial intelligence (NAI)
2) Artificial General intelligence(AGI)

1) Narrow AI : Narrow AI is also know as “Weak AI”. Narrow AI can perform a single task efficiently and while these machines may look more intelligent. Today Narrow AI is all around us and now it’s become one of the most successful realization of artificial intelligence. Some examples for Narrow AI are as follows:
• Google search
• IBM Watson Technology
• Self-driven cars
• Alexa and Siri

Deep Learning & Machine Learning: Machine learning and deep learning are used in narrow AI. The difference between machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence is quite difficult to understand. Simply we can say that machine learning feeds the data of computer and uses various statistical techniques to help it “learn” how to get better at any task, without having been programmed for that particular task and eliminating the need for number of lines of written code. Machine learning have both unsupervised learning (with unlabeled data sets) and supervised learning (with labeled data). On the other hand, deep learning is just a part of machine learning that’s runs inputs with the help of biological neural network architecture. Deep learning have multiple hidden layers by which data is processed.

2) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)is alsio known as "Strong AI," This kind of artificial intelligence we often see in the movies. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a machine with general intelligence which look much like a human being, AGM can apply that intelligence to solve any kind of problem. Examples of Artificial Intelligence:
• Disease prediction and mapping tools
• Smart assistants ( Alexa & Siri)
• Manufactoring robots
• Email spam filter
• Monitoring tools for social media
• Spotify and Netflix recommendations for songs

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