What is Dot Net?


What is Dotnet?

In this blog I want to demonstrate you what is Dotnet and what exactly can we do with this particular Dotnet?

According to Microsoft there is no full form for this particular Dotnet. We do not have any full form for this particular Dotnet and also we do not have any standard definition for this particular Dotnet.

So what is this Dotnet means simply speaking we can just say it is going to be a software or a product that came from Microsoft. Which can be used for developing various kinds of applications. So we use it in the development of various kinds of applications. So if at all you want to develop any applications now you can develop them by using the Dotnet.

Actually when we talk about applications we need to understand about this, first applications are divided into various categories like we just call them as desktop applications, web applications and the mobile applications like this we can just go for dividing an application into different categorizations first desktop applications, web applications and mobile applications.

Unfortunately what is the problem with the older programming languages is, suppose if at all we are just going to work with older programming languages like C C++, we have a drawback, the drawback is, like we cannot use the same language for developing all the kinds of applications. We cannot use the same language for developing all the kinds of applications. Where we require to use a different language for each application we are going to develop. For example if you want to build a desktop applications we required to just use languages like C, C++, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder. So with the help of those languages we can develop the desktop applications. But those languages are not feasible for developing web applications. If you want to develop web application we require to just take the support of some other languages and technologies like PHP, CGI, ColdFusion, ASP, vbscript, JavaScript. Like this we need to take the help of a different language and technology for developing the web applications. But when you come to mobile application development mobile application development was not available in the older days, it were came into picture after 2000. So earlier mobile applications are not available in industry. So mobile applications came into picture after Java and.net are introduced.

Now so what is the drawback or what is the problem telling you is if you are a programmer to develop different kinds of applications we require to just to focus on are we required to learn different kinds of languages. So as a programmer learning more number of languages putting all the syntax on the brain, is a little bit confusing because we work with one language and from there if you go to the second language compulsory we face the confusion with the old syntax in the new language. So all the problems what we are talking right now are addressed with Dotnet, what is it? if you are going to use Dotnet, with Dotnet we can develop desktop applications, we can develop web applications, we can develop mobile applications, what not everything under a single roof. So like this Microsoft has given as Dotnet a product that came from the Microsoft for developing various kinds of applications like desktop, web and mobile.

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