What is Recruitment?


What is Recruitment?

A famous author Edwin B. Flippo, he defined recruitment as, “recruitment is the process of searching the candidates for employment and stimulating them to apply for jobs in the organization”. So yes recruitment is the process of searching candidates, why we are searching candidates? we are searching candidates for employment so that we can offer them job and we are searching candidates in such a way that more and more candidates should apply for jobs. So this process is named recruitment hope you've got understand this.

Importance of recruitment:
Why recruitment is done and what's the importance of recruitment?

Attract more candidates to apply in the organization, so the main importance is to attract more and more candidates, why they are applying, where they are applying for the job in organization, so this is the importance of recruitment.
Process which links employers with employees, so how both employers or employees are able to meet. They are able to meet through the process of recruitment. We are conducting recruitment in such a way that employer can meet various employees and you can select the best employee for him.
Increase the pool of candidates for job at minimum cost, so here we are increasing the number of candidates which are applying for the job. We are increasing the number of candidates through the process of recruitment and this process we are doing in minimum cost.
Determine present and future requirements of the organization with proper planning. So it is the importance of recruitment because recruitment through the process of recruitment, we are able to determine that whatever the requirements, how much employees will be required in future or how many employees required in present that is we are doing through proper planning in the recruitment process.
To provide good quality people to the organization, we are doing recruitment for what purpose the purple is to recruit good candidates to recruit knowledgeable and skillful candidates for our organization so that we can provide good quality people to our organization.
Hope you have understand the importance of recruitment.

Recruitment process:
What is recruitment process and what are the steps in recruitment process?

Identifying job vacancy first, we have to identify how many vacancies for job in our company and in which department we are having that we can see that we have to identify.
prepare job description and job specification. so here we have already identified job we can see then after that what we will do, we will prepare a Job Description. job Description contains information like job designation, job location and what are the experience required for that job. that all information will be included in job description and job specification includes the information like whatever skills required for this job whatever certification or whatever knowledge candidate should know or whatever experience in which field candidates should have, that information is included in job specification.
Advertising the job vacancy so now as we have already identified job vacancy. We have prepared Job description, job specification then after that we will advertise the job vacancy through newspaper or through media through online wherein website so regardless of the process is we'll advertise our job vacancy.
Managing the response as we have already advertised the job vacancy. So many candidates will be applying for that job and this response we have to manage properly.
Short listing as candidates are applying for the job. Now we have to short list the required candidates for the job and after short listing we have to arrange interviews and after arranging interviews we have to conduct interview and after conducting interview. We have to like the final candy kits which are which will be selected for the final job through proper decision making.
So this is the process of recruitment hope you have understand this.

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